About us

There is no place like home!

You may travel all over the world, see the most beautiful landscapes, places and buildings, but nothing can ever even be compared to the love, warmth, comfort and peace you find when you come back home. New Design understands the importance of creating a warm, cozy and inviting home for you and your family.

We offer our customers a wide variety of styles and models of furniture paired with the best quality. As an addition to our excellent customer service policy, we also allow our customers to design their own furniture so they can have the furniture of their dreams. Founded in 2006 as a family business, New Design has thrived by specializing in the production and sales of furniture for modern houses, without losing its traditional touch. We started our company with 5 employees and a modest show room.

Over the past years, we have managed to expand our business and now we have 23 employees, 3 show-rooms and a factory for producing furniture. The team at New Design is hard working and professional, our factory meets international standards and we also own exclusive show rooms (in Tetovo and Prilep). We guarantee products of all kinds of leather, fabric or eco leather at a competitive price, of high quality and unique design. Currently, our products are selling well in the local market, while we also aim to penetrate the national and international market. We have established a project for furniture designing, where motivated, talented and ambitious young people will have the opportunity to complete our training program and find a job in the future. By doing so, we hope to help decrease the unemployment rate in the country.